Photography Club, IISc represent the official photography club of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. As of 2014-2016, they have also been organizing annual training sessions, both theoretical as well as field work, for freshers. They host two exhibitions every year to promote photography among the students, professors and office staffs of IISc and its sister institutes. One of them is open to all and the other showcases the joint work of our club members. Their members also take part in photo walks and event coverage for the various clubs of IISc. In addition, we meet on a regular basis to discuss the works of various well known photographers, analyzing their techniques and styles.

“Through the Lens: Bangladesh” is an online community of amateur and serious hobbist photographers. It brings the people together who have felt the passion to be behind the camera and gives them a platform to showcase their works.
“Through the Lens: Bangladesh” works for the photographers to share their ideas and creations from every walk of life and every place. By arranging photo walks, discussions, competitions, informative threads and safari tours, it has opened a world of opportunities for anyone who wishes to embark upon it. Currently TTL is a group of 34000+ members (Facebook Group) & 6000+ Flickr Group Members.

The Photography Club strives to enrich the Photography lover community by fully exposing the creative and documentary potential of photography and provide an opportunity to broaden these interests in a mutually supportive environment. Through exhibitions of artistic achievements, special guest speakers, and photography trips, we hope to share our love for photography and build friendships around it.

The “Photographic Society” of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, or BUETPS in short started its maiden journey one fateful winter in 1997. Since then it has grown up to be one of the most significant and prominent cultural and co-curricular bodies in the roster of clubs and student-associations that BUET harbors. Sporting more than 1600 members and many active alumnus, BUETPS regularly arranges photo-adda, photo-discussions, photo walks, workshops to groom the members. It organizes a homey basic workshop “Loop” to introduce the new enthusiasts to the medium every year, and a slightly advanced “Photography Quintessentials” with the help of the leading artists of the country to unleash the fire.

To exhibit the artistry created here, BUETPS holds photography exhibitions. And after ten seasons of showing the works of students, teachers and personnel of/related to this reputed engineering institution in “Annual Photography Exhibition”, the club has decided to go national with the first of its kind, strictly theme based photography exhibition in the country- “Voyage of Visuals”. Last year, BUETPS organized its 11th Annual Photography Exhibition and the voyage of visuals also continued to go beyond its second season featuring “Belongingness”.

IUTPS was formed in 2010 to create an open platform using which IUTians can express their mind through Photography. Though the society was only formed that year it has become one of the most creative Photographic Societies of Bangladesh. The members of IUTPS have already earned acclaim as very talented photographers. The most impressive fact is all of these successes came within five years of forming IUTPS! IUTPS started its yearly venture- Break the Circle, an international inter-university photography exhibition aiming at the students all around the globe in 2011. The first one was a tremendous success as it broke all the traditional rules regarding photography. In success to this IUTPS arranged "Break the Circle Season II" in 2012 which was also a huge success! In its third season it extended its platform by including freelancers to show their work. "Break the Circle Season III" organized back in 2013 broke all the records of previous years. "Break the Circle: The 4th Step", which was organized in 2014 broke the concept of traditional curating for the first time in inter-university level exhibitions. Following all this, “Break the Circle Season V: The Exhibition” organized in 2015 was the most appreciated exhibition of that year.

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