I am not a student/I do not belong to Jadavpur University. Can I participate?

Yes, this competition is open to any and every citizen of India and Bangladesh (both resident and non-resident).

How do I enter the photo contest?

Please follow the registration procedure and upload your entries according to the instructions given on the website http://juphotofest.com/montage17/participate. The entry period begins on 09th October, 2016 and ends on 12th January, 2017.

Is there any file name specification?

Yes, there is.

  • Each submitted image file must be renamed in the following format:
 Table 5: File naming Guidelines

Individual Participation

Category_Country_Full Name of Author_Title of Photograph_Serial Number of Photograph

Association Participation

Category_Country_Abbreviated Name of Institute/Organisation_Full Name of Author_Title of Photograph_Serial Number of Photograph

Partner Country Code




For example, refer to Rules and Regulations.


Why won’t my photo upload?

Your photograph doesn’t upload if it doesn’t meet the following requirements:

  • JPG or JPEG file format
  • Each file size must be 800 (KB) or less

So make sure to follow the above mentioned points while uploading the photos.


I belong to a photography club/organization/educational institution. Am I eligible for any discount?

Yes, only if you participate in a group.

What document should I provide to prove the genuineness of the organization/institution I belong to?

You can provide the soft copy of any document that proves the genuineness of the organization/institution. For example, while you are emailing the list of the entrants and their details, you can use the official letterhead of the organization/institution. Or, you can send a .pdf file containing the scanned copies/photographs of valid identity cards of the entrants issued by the organization/institution.

 I have a group, but I do not belong to any organization. Am I eligible for the discount?

Sorry, you are not eligible for the discount. All the entrants of the group should be a part of the same photography or educational organization/institution. However, you are welcome to participate in our contests as individual entrants.

How do I pay the entry fee?

The Entry fee can be submitted by any one of the following ways:

1) Online Payment through PayUmoney : Pay using Debit/Credit card or Net banking.

  • A page with your name, Unique ID and amount to be submitted is generated.
  • Click Make payment. You will be transferred to a new page. Complete your payment through this page. At the end of payment a receipt is generated and sent to your mail.
  • Download it and attach it the space provided in the JUPF website. Online payments received without this pdf would be cancelled.
  • Click finish.



  • Account Name: JU Photographic Club
  • Account Number: 11079699299
  • Bank Name: State Bank of India
  • Branch Name: Jadavpur University
  • Branch Code: 93
  • IFSC Code: SBIN0000093
  • MICR Code: 700002048



The organizers will not be liable for any kind of postal misplacement.



An entrant can submit the entry fee in cash, except on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays, at the above mentioned address, between 5pm and 7pm. Last date of submission of fees is 11th January, 2017.


How do I know that you’ve received my entry?

You will receive a system –generated confirmation email.

I didn’t receive my confirmation email. Why not?

Some ISPs (Internet service providers) have filters that block or filter emails sent from unknown addresses. If you have a “junk mail” box or a “spam mail”, check to see if that’s where the email landed. If you use software to monitor your email, make sure your settings aren’t blocking your emails.

How many photos may I submit?

An entrant can submit a maximum of 4 photographs per category in the single photo section and minimum 6. Maximum 10 photographs per category in the series section, i.e., if you are participating in all the four categories, you can submit a maximum of 28 photographs, 4 in each single category and 10 in each series category.

How will my photograph be judged?

The Photographs will be judged by a panel of eminent and experienced professional photographers the name of which will not be divulged before the judging procedure is completed. The Judges‟ decision will be final and binding for acceptance and awards for all entries.

What are the prizes?

  1. The top 3 entrants from each single photo section (top 3 entries of SINGLE OPEN category and top 3 entries of SINGLE THEMATIC category) and top entrant from each photo series section (top entry of OPEN SERIES category and top entry of THEMATIC SERIES category) will be awarded cash prizes, trophies and certificates of merit.
  2. The subsequent 5 entrants from each single photo section will be awarded certificates of merit only.
  3. All other accepted entrants will be awarded certificates of acceptance.
  4. All accepted* entries will be exhibited in either Victoria Memorial Hall or Jadavpur University Main Campus.

I’d like to enter a photo that has previously won a contest. Is that allowed?

Yes, you may enter a photo that has previously won a contest, but it must not have been awarded or exhibited in any of the previous contests of jupc (Montage'08 to Montage'16)

Are high resolution versions of the photographs submitted required?

Yes, only if your submitted photograph/s qualifies through the first round of judging and get/s selected for the second round of judging. You will be notified by an email asking for a higher resolution of the selected photograph/s, specifications of the photograph/s will be written in the email. Failure to submit high resolution photograph/s within the date mentioned in the email will imply disqualification of your entry/entries, i.e., that selected photograph/s won’t be further considered in the judging procedure of the competition.

Will I be notified if my photograph wins an award or gets accepted?

Yes, if your photo/s is/are accepted on win/s award/s, you will be notified by an email. Also, the award list and the list of acceptances will be published on the website http://juphotofest.com/

What will happen if I fail to provide a higher resolution digital file of the selected photograph after first round?

If the higher resolution digital file is not provided to us within the stipulated time (that will be mentioned in the mail) JUPC will cancel the selected photograph.

 Do photos have to be taken with a digital camera?

If Submitted photos do NOT have to be digital photos from a digital camera. Any digital scan will do, as long as the end result is a JPG or JPEG file. You may submit scans of negatives, transparencies, or photographs taken with traditional cameras.

 Is image manipulation allowed in the photo contest?

Minor burning, dodging, and colour correction are acceptable. High dynamic range images (HDR) are NOT acceptable. For more information, please read our Rules & Regulations. We trust you all to keep it real and submit unaltered files. We cannot research every photo entry. However, if a photo is chosen as a selected photograph, it will be scrutinized for possible alterations which if arise JUPC reserves the right to cancel the selected photograph.

 When I submit a photo to the photo contest, what rights does JUPC have to my submission?

By virtue of submitting an entry, the entrant certifies the work as his/her own and permits JUPC to reproduce all or part of the entered material free of charge for publication and/or display in media related to the contest and exhibition. All copyrights are retained by the entrant. Organizers will not be liable for any misuse of copyright.

 I accidentally uploaded the wrong photo and paid the entry fee. Can I delete my entry and submit a new photo?

No, you cannot delete your entry, but you can upload the entire set again with the corrected photo(s). For multiple time entries from a single entrant we’ll consider only the LAST set of entry for judging procedure. However, if you are uploading your files once again, then drop a mail to info@juphotofest.co stating the same after the final uploading.


Still have a question?

Mail us at info@juphotofest.com


Rajit :  +91 9831074382
Basita : +91 8820303306
Suraj : +91 9609353497

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