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Photography is a small voice, at best, but sometimes one photograph, or a group of them, can lure our sense of awareness.” - Eugene Smith


Sarker Protick / Love me or Kill me

Photography is one of the most democratic art forms, largely free from the fetters of formalism and censorship. Avant-garde photographers are experimenting with mixed-media to tell stories like never before. On one hand, when intertextuality with cinema, music and literature is building new dimensions, the other hand is seeing unseen avenues of entrepreneurship growing out of nowhere. The increasing penetration of photography in social networking, in science and technology, in law and surveillance is changing the way we look at our lives.

JUPF is an endeavour to find answers to the conundrums arising out of this evolution in the medium of photography. JUPF wishes to bring together the academia, the artists, the students and the people from various parts of the world, in a first-of-its-kind attempt, to unravel and understand those answers through various exhibitions, projections, artist talks, workshops, reviews, symposia and the quintessential “adda”. It pledges to provide an open arena to promote the works of young artists and help them further develop their art.


Suranjan Das
Suranjan Das is the Vice-Chancellor of Jadavpur University and the Honorary Director of Netaji Institute of Asian Studies, Kolkata.
Jayanta Sengupta
Jayanta Sengupta is the Secretary and Curator of Victoria Memorial Hall and the curator of Indian Museum, Kolkata.

Aveek Sen
Aveek Sen is the Senior Assistant Editor (editorial pages) of The Telegraph, Calcutta.


Harsha Vadlamani
Harsha Vadlamani is an independent photojournalist based out of New Delhi and Hyderabad, India. His work focuses on environment, agrarian crisis and issues of development and displacement in rural India. He is also the founder and curator of Galli (http://galli.in), an online publication showcasing visual storytelling from India.

His work has been commissioned and published by The New York Times Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Al Jazeera, GEO, Financial Times Magazine, BBC and CNN among others.

Harsha is the curator for the Print Section of 1st Jadavpur University Photo Fest, 2017.


Suraj Bhakat   |   Basita Das    |   Soham De   |   Tirthadeb Ghosh   |   Arijit Pramanick
    Anindya Datta   |   Debashis Manna   |   Priyanka Datta   |   Sourajit Saha   |   Rajit Bhattacharya   |   Rohan Paul   |    Ankit Das
Divyanshu Agarwal   |   Aruneet Pal   |   Raunaq Saha   |   Partha Pratim Dey   |   Rubena Mardi   |   Diya Das   |   Souvik Roy
Akash Sarkar   |  Tanvir Hasan   |   Aparajita Sarkar   |   Arpan Banerjee   |   Lokesh Das   |   Indranil Bagchi   |   Aisik Paul
Swagata Karmakar   |   Saptarshi Ghosh   |   Koustav Mallick   |   Prianca Chowdhury   |   Rishav Banerjee   |   Sanchari Mondal
Sreenanda Ganguli   |   Diyanko Bhowmik  |   Sanglap Das   |   Nirupam Mukherjee   |   Md Shahnawaz   |   Anirban Chatterjee  
Soumyadeep Barman   |   Pratim Chattopadhyay   |   Nikhilesh Murmu   |   Sudip Bhattacharyya   |   Ravi Bhushan  |   Titas Dutta
Pratyush Barua | Trisha Moni Punom | Shreya Chakraborty | Romia Parvez


Komal Shah   |   Sunandan Paul   |   Sk Kamaluddin   |   Avissruti Banerrji   |   Auritro Som   |   Himel Barikdar   |   Pavel Paul  
Souradipto Ghosh Dastidar   |   Tanugatri Majumder   |   Saheli Ghosh   |   Sohini Sengupta   |   Souradeep Sen   |   Silpa Chakraborty

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